Principal ‘s desk

What a tremendous challenge the year 2015 has been to us all. When one negotiates the first step of a new academic year, one can be given for being apprehensive. One wonders what the new year haS instore. One hopes all will be well.

We certainly had our share of experiences both emotionally and otherwise. This ranged from exciting to less fortunate and at times even very sad such as when one of our learners so suddenly passed on.How sad we were when our matric results dropped fromT3Yoto 42Yo in20l4. We quickly rolled up our sleeves and all shoulders on the wheel to deliver quality service to our community for years to

A word of sincere appreciation for the school governing body, SMT, Educators, PS staff, RCL and the learners body for their loyal support throughout the year in trying to turn around very quickly and make success of our results in 2015.

May every educator and leamers achieve the success they desire and may our final year learners(matrics) enjoy a fruitful and rewarding study. To quote Disraeli: “(Jpon the education of the learners

of this country, the fate of this country depends”

In closing

The challenges in education today demand the quality of us i.e. Principal, educators, parents, learners

and the community atlarge.

We have a formidable task indeed. May the parents help us to succeed.

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